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Look What’s On Offer

We’ve taken the best of what we do as a business and rolled it into one amazing package exclusively for our Boat Club members.

  • A fleet of vessels available to everyone
  • Free RYA qualifications
  • Loyalty scheme
  • One low cost monthly membership fee

We take care of all the maintenance, mooring fees, insurance costs and world class training. All you need to do is join up, turn up and have fun.

What’s in Your Fleet?

RYA Powerboat Level 2
Dude – 7.6 metre – 10 seat RIB – 250 HP

Highfield RIB – £59,495

Dude is a Highfield RIB. The boat was originally built to support the Vendee Globe race in France so she has an immaculate pedigree.

The Honda engine delivers 250 HP so she can get shifting.

She has seating and safety equipment for 10 people and is insured for tow sports.

She is 7.6 metres long so there is plenty of space. Her real secret though is the fact she is a massive 2.4 metres wide. That’s what makes her so stable and comfortable to drive.

Axopar 22 Spyder – 7 metres – 115 HP

Axopar 22 Spyder – £53,000

Freshly constructed, brand new and delivered for December 2021 the Axopar 22 Spyder is voted the best entry level sports boat on the market.

She is fitted with a Mercury 115 HP engine. and has a top speed of 51 mph.

This boat will really impress your friends and colleagues. Leather steering wheel, electronic controls and trim tabs, complete bluetooth sound system she really is a little piece of luxury.

She has the capacity for 6 people and is also insured for tow sports.

Seadoo Jetskis

Seadoo Jetskis – £8,999 each

We have a range of Seadoo jetskis that are available to all members.

These fast and furious little things will out pace any sports boat going. perfect for you to have a quick blast after a day at work.

Sometimes there is just no substitute for jetting across the water, getting covered in spray and blowing away any problems.

It’s impossible not to smile on these little machines.

Get Your RYA Qualifications For Free

Powerboat Level 2
Get free qualifications with your friends and family

In order to use the equipment as a Boat Club member you have to hold the following qualifications:

  • RYA Powerboat Level 2 – £349
  • RYA VHF Radio – £99
  • RYA Essential Navigation – £150
  • RYA Intermediate Powerboat – £349

Total value of training £947 – Yours for free when you join the Boat Club

After that, all our members can receive further free RYA training courses with our unique points system.

Once you become a member you can start earning points.

It couldn’t be easier. Every time you pay for a session and use one of the boats or jetskis we’ll give you free points.

You can then exchange those points for free training courses!

What’s more you can exchange your points for family and friends discounts of up to 40%. That means great gift vouchers and courses for those you care about most.

Members Loyalty Scheme

Our loyalty scheme is simple. Every year of membership earns you a free session on the boat of your choice to be used the following year.

Best of all, these sessions accumulate!

  • 1 year of membership – one free session the following year
  • 2 years of membership – two free sessions the following year
  • 3 years of membership – three free sessions the following year

And on and on it goes…….

So Just What Are You Saving? – The Value Here Is Immense

  • Fleet Value – £157,490
  • Annual Mooring Fees – £18,000
  • Annual Insurance – £2,839
  • Annual Maintenance Costs – £23,623

Total Value – £201,952

How Does Your Boat Club Work?

Boat Club
Organise amazing team and family days out

Easy to Join – Easy to Use

To be eligible to join the Boat Club all you need is a passion for boating. We will provide all the training you need once you’re a member.

How often can I use the boats?

You can use the boats as often as you like. There is one session included with your monthly membership fee. After that, just pay as you go with no further commitments.

There are two 6 hour boat sessions per day:

  • Morning Session 08:00 to 14:00
  • Afternoon Session 15:00 to 21:00 or dusk (whichever comes first)

There are three jetski sessions per day:

  • First Session 08:00 – 12:00
  • Second Session 12:30 – 16:30
  • Third Session 17:00 – 21:00or dusk (whichever comes first)

How do I book?

Members have access to a simple online booking calendar so they can book at their convenience. Just pick an available date, enter your membership code and turn up.

How do I know there’s enough availability?

We ensure there’s plenty of space for everyone in two ways. First, there is limited availability to become a member. This way we can ensure that everyone gets enough access. We know how important this is because if you can’t get enough access you’ll leave the club.

Secondly, members can only hold two booked sessions in the diary at any one time on what we refer to as our rolling booking system. That means nobody can fill up the diary. Once you use one of your booked sessions you are free to book the next.

RYA-Intermediate-Powerboat available with the boat club
Stunning scenery and amazing memories

How far ahead can I book?

Bookings must be 48 hours in advance but you can book up to 12 months ahead. Perfect if you have a special date in mind.

What if I want a boat for the whole day?

Simple. Just book two sessions back to back.

Can I take a boat away overnight?

Yes you can! Just book an afternoon session and a return session the following morning.

What about insurance?

All Boat Club members are covered by our insurance policy.

What about refuelling?

Members are responsible for their own fuel costs. Fuel is available within the harbour.

If you don’t want to take the time to refuel yourself, we will do it for you for a small labour charge on top of the fuel cost.

Where do we meet?

We meet at Cobbs Quay at the beginning and end of every session. There is fuel available here and free parking.

What if I want to finish somewhere else?

If you need to start or finish your day somewhere else we can provide a drop off / pick up service for an additional charge.

Noel Hutchinson – Club Manager

How long does my membership last?

Memberships to the Boat Club are a 12 month minimum contract.

How much does the Boat Club cost?

  • No joining fee.
  • Monthly membership fee of £250 includes one 6 hour session on the boat of your choice.
  • Members must provide a refundable security deposit £1500. This covers our insurance policy excess in case of an accident.

Pay As You Go Sessions

If you have the bug for more, you can book as many sessions as you like. Just pay as you go.

  • RIB Session £200
  • Axopar Session £275
  • Jetski Session £40

Once You’ve Learned To Drive A Boat – It’s Still Hard To Go Boating

We often get asked by our Powerboat students, where can I practice? Or, where can I hire a boat. Until now there have really only been two options. Buy your own boat or try and find a hire company.

There are problems with buying your own boat. Firstly, there is the purchase cost. Boats are really expensive toys and even if you can afford one of your own, there is usually something more important you could do with the money. On top of that, you are buying hassle. Maintenance costs, mooring costs, storage problems, insurance costs and boat lifts are the unfortunate reality of boat ownership.

As for hire companies – good luck! If you can find a hire company near where you live they will typically offer old , slow, beaten-up, under powered boats and charge a premium for them. Certainly not what you and I dream about when we imagine ourselves out on the water.

The boat club changes all that…….

There is strictly limited availability within the Boat Club and once it’s full, it’s full. We are currently open to new membership applications. If you are interested in joining please get in touch quickly so you don’t miss out –

Call us on 01202 923 060