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ICOM VHF radio set


This short pre study course is an essential bit of preparation before attending the VHF classroom course. It will give you a brief foundation of knowledge so that you won’t get left behind or struggle on the day. It’s full of interesting info and will get you thinking and speaking like a sailor.

What you’ll learn

The phonetic alphabet

The form of routine calls

The form of safety calls

The form of an urgency call

The form and definition of a distress call

The different VHF channels and their usage


Absolutely no experience is required. We will start from the basics and gradually build up your knowledge. Everything is in the course.

Section 1Introduction
Section 2Phonetic Alphabet
Lecture 2Phonetic AlphabetFree Preview

The Phonetic Alphabet

Step 1 – Download the PDF from the sidebar titled “Lecture 1”

Step 2 – Listen to the audio file below

Step 3 – Learn the phonetic alphabet

Step 4 – Take the quiz. You need to score 80% to move on to the next section

Section Quiz
Section 3Types of Radio Call
Section 4UK VHF Radio Channels

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