VHF Radio Prowords

The International Language of Radio Communications specifies certain words and phrases. These have specific meanings when used on a radio. We call them Procedure Words or VHF Radio Prowords for short. During your VHF radio course and exam you will be expected to know these words and be able to use them appropriately. It’s all part or your great adventure.

List of Prowords

All After / All Before – Used when you need to have part of a message repeated.

Correct / Wrong – Correct is used when somebody has read back a message and it is all correct. We say wrong if it isn’t as ‘incorrect’ may get confused with ‘correct’.

Correction – Used if you make a mistake in your message and have to put it right.

In Figures – Used to distinguish between letters and numbers.

I Say Again – I’m going to repeat.

I Spell – I’m going to spell phonetically.

Out – I have finished speaking and the conversation is finished.

Over – I have finished speaking and expect a reply.

Radio Check – Used when asking another station if you are clear and readable.

Read Back – Please read my message back to me.

Received – I have received your message.

Say Again – Please repeat your message.

Station Calling – Used instead of the call sign or vessel name of the person calling you as you did not catch it or understand it.

Text – Used when you are reading a message verbatim which you expect to be written down.

Traffic – General term meaning radio communications.

This Is – Said when identifying yourself at the start of a call.

Wait – Means please wait for me as I’m not ready. Let them know how long!

Word After / Word Before – Used when asking for a single word to be repeated or spelled.

Print this two page list of VHF Radio Prowords to help you revise

List of VHF Radio Prowords
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