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VHF Radio Pre-Course Learning

What is the VHF Radio Pre-Course Learning Course About?

The free VHF Radio Pre-Course Learning is an interactive mini-course. It will give you the foundational knowledge you need. You will then get the most out of the classroom training.

The VHF Radio course is an intense day of learning. It is essential that you attend the course with some prior knowledge already in place.

Who should take this course?

This course is open to anybody who is going to take the VHF Radio course at an RYA training centre. If you are attending VHF Radio course in a classroom and wanting to gain a VHF licence, you should take this online course first.

What you will learn in the mini-course

The subjects covered in this course are:

?️ The phonetic alphabet

?️ Routine calls

?️ Pan Pan or urgent calls

?️ MAYDAY or emergency messages

?️ The different VHF radio channels and their uses

?️ VHF pro-words or radio speak

VHF Radio Pre-Course Quiz

This course will finish with a final quiz. You can use the quiz to confirm what you have learned.

Once complete you will be able to review your answers and check your score.