PANPAN – Urgent Calls

Panpan calls are messages sent when situations are urgent but do not qualify as distress.

The term Panpan derives from the French word Panne which means broken down.

An example would be that a vessel has broken down and requires a tow. There is no imminent threat to safety.

Panpan calls need to be addressed to whoever they are intended for. This may sometimes be all ships.

Example Panpan call

Panpan, Panpan, Panpan

All Stations, All Stations, All Stations,

This is Merlin, Merlin, Merlin, Call sign Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta One

I am 2 Miles South of St. Catherine’s Point

I have run out of Fuel and require a tow

I have three persons on board


Medical Emergencies

Pan Pan calls can be used when there is a medical emergency and you need advice.

They follow the same format as a normal Pan Pan but they are addressed to the coastguard.

Take a look at the example:

Panpan Panpan Panpan

Solent Coastguard, Solent Coastguard, Solent Coastguard

This is Big Hurt, Big Hurt, Big Hurt

Call Sign Oscar Uniform Charlie Hotel India Echo One

MMSI 234 678 396

Request urgent medical advice