Temporary Wreck Mark

A temporary wreck mark is for use in an emergency situation. If a vessel were to sink, for whatever reason, one of these would be anchored over the wreck site. This should hopefully act as a warning to other vessels. It will prevent them from driving into the sunken vessel and becoming a wreck themselves.

If the wrecked ship is large then a ring of these temporary wreck marking buoys will be anchored around it.

Temporary wreck marking buoy

The buoy has blue and yellow vertical stripes that alternate around it. It’s top mark is a yellow cross like a plus sign in maths.

One fact that separates these marks from the rest of the buoys is that you will never find a chart symbol for it. This is because it is a temporary mark and not a permanent feature.

Light for a temporary wreck mark

The light for a temporary wreck marking buoy is an alternating blue and yellow light.

It is blue for one second, off for half a second, yellow for one second, off for half a second, repeat……

If there are more than one of these buoys deployed on a wreck site the lights will be coordinated.