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Buoys are ocean equivalent of road signs. They give you lots of information. They can tell you anything from which way you should to go, to how you can avoid danger. This course will teach you all about the 12 different buoys on the sea.

What the course on buoys will teach you.

? What each buoy or navigational mark means.

? The different colour of each buoy.

? Top shapes of each mark.

? Light pattern of each mark.

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for everyone who is studying towards a marine qualification.

The content of the course covers the syllabus for the following RYA courses:

  • Powerboat level 2
  • Intermediate powerboat
  • Advanced powerboat
  • Day skipper theory and practical
  • Yachtmaster theory and practical

Test your knowledge

There is a quiz at the end of this course so that you can test your knowledge. It’s fun and interactive and you will be able to review each of your answers at the end.

To help you learn download the free revision sheet below.

Free Download – Buoys Cheat Sheet

Guide to buoys