Train with us and we will take you from Deck Crew to Skipper.

Our reputation in the industry for turning out safe, competent and highly skilled mariners is well known. We specialise in equipping seasoned deck crew with the additional skills and training they need so that they can skipper their own vessels up to 24 metres in length. Literally making the career move from Deck Crew to Skipper.


Dates For 2023 / 2024 Are:

01 December 2023 to 7th Feburary 2024

3rd January to 28th February 2024

30th September 2024 to 22 November 2024

About the Deckhand to Captain qualification – The RYA Advanced Powerboat CoC

The RYA provide an Advanced Powerboat Commercial qualification to experienced seafarers. This qualification is recognised by the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA).

The MCA document MGN 280 details deck manning requirements for Area Categories 6 to 0.

A holder of a commercially endorsed RYA Advanced Powerboat certificate is able to skipper power driven vessels, up to 24 metres in length, in Area Category 3 waters. That’s up to 20 miles from a safe haven. That means you can also stand a bridge watch.

A copy of the MCA document can be found here:

Watch the video of Noel Hutchinson, the school principal, explaining what this qualification means.

Who is this course for?

It’s very important to understand that this course is for experienced deckhands with two complete seasons under their belt. This is due to the eligibility criteria of both the MCA and the RYA regarding the Advanced Powerboat CoC qualification.

In order to be eligible for the qualification you need to have at least two years of sea time and experience. All the other requirements are fulfilled during the course program.

The requirements you will need for the course:

  • To be at least 17 years of age.
  • Strongly recommended to hold a relevant first aid certificate.
  • Strongly recommended to hold a VHF SRC operators certificate.

For the RYA/MCA Advanced Powerboat CoC exam:

  • Hold an ML5 or ENG1 medical certificate.
  • Either RYA Basic Sea Survival certificate or STCW Personal Survival Techniques.
  • Hold a VHF / SRC marine radio certificate or higher
  • Hold a relevant and current first aid certificate
  • A professional practices & responsibilities certificate (PPR).
  • 30 days at sea including 2 days a skipper.
  • 800 nautical miles logged.
  • 12 night hours logged.

All of the requirements for the exam are fulfilled during your training programme.

What’s included in the programme?

There is no need to repeat qualifications that you already have. Please get in touch to discuss the best fit for you and your career.

RYA Powerboat Level 2 – two day practical course handling a powerboat.

RYA PWC / Jetski proficiency – one day learning how to handle a PWC / jetski

VHF Radio SRC Licence – a short range VHF radio certificate and licence to operate a marine VHF.

RYA Day Skipper Theory – a five day classroom based navigation course.

RYA Intermediate powerboat course – two days implementing the navigational knowledge.

RYA Yachtmaster Theory – a six day classroom based navigation course.

RYA Advanced powerboat course – two days high speed night time navigation implementing all your new knowledge.

Bespoke Advanced Exam Prep – tailored to your individual needs.

Daylight mile building and passage making – skipper the boat over 400 daylight miles.

Night mile building and passage making – skipper the boat over 400 night time miles.

Total Cost for 8 weeks training £7,899.00 – Plus examination fees to the RYA of £65 for VHF radio and £210 for the Advanced CoC exam

There are no hidden costs or extras for the training. We include everything you need from study materials to boats.

This is a career enhancing opportunity and we have limited spaces. We can only accept 6 students, at a time, on each intake.

One of our Deckhand to Captain students tells you what it’s like to do the training.