You’ve done your PB2. You’ve learned a bit of navigation. Now lets take it to the next level with the RYA Intermediate Powerboat course.

Simply put this course sends you out to sea with your instructor to practice everything you have learned. This is where the real adventure begins. It’s the power boat equivalent of taking off the stabilisers and setting yourself free.

Don’t Go To Work On Monday!

Our two day intermediate course is taught on a Monday and Tuesday. That means the holiday starts now. Learn to love Mondays by doing something more fun than the usual daily grind.

Who is the RYA Intermediate course for?

The intermediate course builds on both practical and navigational skills. In order to take the course you will need to have completed the RYA Powerboat Level 2 course first. You must also have taken a navigation course such as the RYA Essential Navigation or the RYA Day Skipper Theory.

It is strongly recommended that you hold a RYA VHF licence too before you attend this course. This is because we are off to visit new places.

RYA Intermediate Powerboat Course

2 Day RYA Intermediate Powerboat Course – £340

Taught on a Monday & Tuesday. Minimum age 16

Call us on 01202 923 060 (09:00 – 16:00)

What will you learn?

You are really going to up your game. You will be challenged with harder scenarios. Handling the boat in tricky conditions and rougher seas. Your instructor will work with you and the rest of the students to build your skills and confidence in boat handling. You’ll get more technical, refining knowledge on engine trim and throttle control as well as turns and wave handling.

On top of all that you will plan and execute a passage to a different marina or destination. That means applying the navigational knowledge you have to undertake a real adventure. That has to beat the usual Monday!

This course is a really important building block if you are going on holiday and you want to visit nearby destinations by sea. Your confidence to keep everyone safe will mean so much when you are finally together in the sunshine. You will be on a true holiday adventure.

You could take yourself to a secluded cove for a romantic date. Find a wreck for some private SCUBA. Beat everyone to the famous fishing mark. Or take yourself to the exclusive lobster restaurant. The adventure really is yours.

Call us on 01202 923 060 (09:00 – 16:00)

RYA Intermediate powerboat course
RYA Intermediate powerboat course

Free Mask For COVID-19

We have a free mask for everyone who comes on a powerboat course with us to help protect against the Corona Virus.

Don’t misunderstand us, we take the virus very seriously and have a number of stringent cleaning methods and protection methods in place to keep you and our instructors safe.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun!

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Call us on 01202 923 060 (09:00 – 16:00)