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RYA Day Skipper Theory

The RYA Day Skipper Theory is a comprehensive introduction to cruising for inexperienced skippers.

Our Unique RYA Day Skipper Theory Pass Guarantee

We believe in our teaching methods. We believe in our course quality. Most importantly, we believe in our students. That means we believe in you.

In fact, we would go so far as to say we do the very best we can for every individual we meet and you deserve to do well. After all you chose to learn with us.

Our pass guarantee to you works like this:

If you don’t pass the two exams required to gain the certificate for the RYA Day Skipper Theory, we will invite you along to repeat the 5 day course again completely free of charge. That means we are taking just as much responsibility for your success as you are. We only ask that you give us 100% effort in return.

RYA Day Skipper Theory Course Content

This course equips you with enough knowledge to navigate around familiar waters by day. A basic knowledge of lights is also included to introduce you to night cruising.

We are continually updating our courses to take into account developments in technology and the electronic navigation aids now available on most cruising boats.

The course is taught over 40 hours with two exam papers. It can be covered as a series of short sessions, or as an intensive week-long course.

Course topics include:

  • the basics of seamanship
  • the essentials of coastal navigation and pilotage
  • chartwork
  • electronic charts
  • position fixing
  • plotting a course to steer
  • weather forecasting and meteorology
  • tides
  • collision regulations
  • construction, parts and equipment of a cruising boat
  • emergency and safety procedures including distress calls,use of flares, safety harnesses, lifejackets and liferafts
RYA Day Skipper Theory course

Students receive an RYA Day Skipper Theory certificate and a unique pre-study pack. The Day Skipper certificate is an ideal course to go along with the RYA Intermediate Powerboat course and also enable you to gain the knowledge required for the Day Skipper practical courses.

5 DAYS – 09:00 TO 18:00



  • Use of Portland Plotter & dividers worth £25
  • Extensive hand outs
  • Refreshments including sweets and biscuits
  • Practice charts for navigation exercises
  • Both exam papers
  • RYA Day Skipper Shorebased book worth £12.49


Poole, Dorset

Get A Head Start On Your RYA Day Skipper Theory Course With Our Unique Pre-Study Pack

There are two exams that need to be passed during the course. There is one on collision regulations, and another paper on chart work.

To help you get the most out of the week with us we will send you a pre-study pack email when you book the course. This is full of our own unique cheat sheets, videos and learning aids. It will make sure that you get ahead of the game. You’ll also have a load of useful tools to keep for your practical courses and all your future boating.

Our study materials contain everything you need to know in order to pass the collision regulations exam paper. With a bit of work you could have one exam under your belt already! 😁