Our zero to hero powerboat skipper course is a fast track course into the industry. You will shadow and train with us in a live commercial environment for a season and gain all the qualifications you need to join this amazing industry. You will open doors all around the world.

At the end of the program you will take the RYA Advanced Powerboat exam. Upon successful completion of the exam you will be eligible to skipper power driven vessels up to 24 metres in length just like the one below. Just imagine living the life of a live aboard captain in the Mediterranean.

Zero to hero powerboat skipper
Zero to hero powerboat skipper

You will also be able to join our powerboat instructor prep week as an additional option. Becoming a RYA instructor will give you even more work opportunities as a new powerboat fast track skipper.


The training for this life changing achievement lasts for two months. There are only two opportunities to join the program each year. One intake starts at the beginning of June. The second intake starts at the beginning of August.

As well as that we only take a maximum of 12 students per year on the Zero to Hero Powerboat Skipper courses. That’s a maximum of six places per intake. This helps to ensure that you get the focus from our professional team that you need.

We only want to turn out the best because you will carry our reputation forwards in the industry.

This course is only available to people who are at least 20 years of age. In order to enrol you will have to pass a telephone interview with the school principal to make sure you are suited to this intense and professional training environment.


Call us on 01202 923 060 (09:00 – 16:00)


Download the file below to get a copy of the course schedule. If you already have elements of the schedule already then we can discount those parts of the program.


We include all the RYA books and course materials that you will need throughout the course.

We will also lend you foul weather jackets, trousers and life jackets during your time with us so that you don’t get wet and cold. The foul weather gear for our zero to hero powerboat skipper students is brand new and you will be the first to wear it.

We also include the thousands of pounds worth of fuel that you will use as well as a dedicated and professional team of mentors.

You will achieve a minimum of 800 recorded sea miles, 12 night hours and loads of commercial experience as well as the qualifications for completing the courses.


The value of the training courses and skippered hours included in this package are worth over £12,000 if you were to buy each element separately.

The cost to you if you are eligible to join our zero to hero powerboat skipper program is £7,499.

A saving of over £4,500

The instructor preparation week costs an additional £399. During the week we break down each element of the PB2 course and show you how to teach it. You will work with RYA trainers to gain this respected qualification.

There are spaces available for our 2020 courses.