1 Day RYA First Aid Course

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We’re staying Alive

Make sure that you know what to do in an emergency so that your friends and loved ones will stay alive. The RYA First Aid course will give you the skills you need.

Don’t dismiss the first aid training. It’s hands down one of the most important skills to acquire. Let me explain…


Going afloat is an incredible hobby but it is also classed as an adventurous one. By the very nature of what you are doing, you are remote. This is because it’s hard to access you and anybody who becomes ill. Even if your only 100 metres from the shore. Think about it for a second.

You’re out in the bay. 100 metres from shore and your fishing buddy has a heart attack. You have to call for help using the VHF or mobile, get the boat to shore, hope there is vehicle access for an ambulance and get your chum stable somehow.

There’s no doubt about it. When the sh** hits the fan, you’re the one that needs to get their Captain head on.

What makes the RYA first aid course different?

RYA first aid training has an emphasis on problems at sea. As such it fulfils the requirements set out within the Maritime & Coastguard Agency’s Code of Practice for small commercial vessels.

More importantly, you will cover subjects that aren’t usually taught during first aid courses.

These include:

  • The recovery position in a confined space
  • CPR, including the drowning protocol
  • Cold shock and hypothermia from immersion and/or exposure
  • Seasickness and dehydration
  • Medical assistance or advice by VHF
  • Helicopter rescue

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