Socially Responsible……but still having fun.

As you probably already know we are on a mission to build the best powerboat company in Britain. As part of that vision we would like to be more socially responsible and you can help.

We know that powerboats and jetskis aren’t the most environmentally friendly things. But they are fun and we like playing on them. We’re not intending to stop but we can still help out the planet and do our bit.

The fuel we use on a powerboat course or a jetski course produces roughly 60kg of carbon emissions. It would take one year for three adult trees to use up the same amount of carbon. (About 20kg per tree per year).

Since we have three students on every course, if we can plant one tree for everyone who comes to learn with us we can proudly say that we have our fun responsibly.

The best bit is that after the first year of maturity, each tree continues to help the planet exponentially.

Plant more trees and get a teddy bear

You can help us plant more trees and get a free bear

We have a ‘Green Army’ of teddy bears waiting to be given away to people who will help us plant more trees.

We’ve teamed up with the National Trust who are on a mission to plant 20 million trees by 2030. Now that’s a lot of trees.

If you choose to donate £10 pounds when booking a course with us we will plant an extra tree in your name and give you one of our mascot teddy bears to say thank you. We have 1000 teddy bears and we’d love to be able to give them all away by the end of 2022!

Plus we’ll dedicate the tree to you and send you a special certificate from the National Trust so everyone knows what a good person you really are.

Trees and Seas
Plant more trees certificate