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IRPCS for Day Skippers. Everything you need to know for the Day Skipper theory course

IRPCS for Day Skippers Tutorial Videos

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There are 41 different rules in the IRPCS. However, when you are starting to learn about boats and are working towards skippering a yacht or power boat for the first time, not all of them are relevant. Below are tutorial videos for each of the IRPCS for Day Skippers. These rules give the basic level of understanding that will help to keep you safe on the sea. Learn them thoroughly and your prowess as a Skipper will be incredible.

The rules that are missing from the list below are more relevant to skippers who are venturing out in the dark or in bad weather. Other than that, they are definitions and details on application of the IRPCS.

If you want to take your knowledge further then you can find the full video selection of the IRPCS on our YouTube play list by following this link:

Get Lost Sailing & Powerboat Training – YouTube

Regarding training using the RYA scheme it is not necessary to learn these rules by number or word for word. It’s only asked that you can explain each rule in your own words and that you can show enough understanding. The idea is to prepare you for your time on the sea. Work towards a level of knowledge so that you can demonstrate a practical application of these rules when you are at the helm.

IRPCS for Day Skippers Tutorial Videos

Rules 1 to 3. Application, Responsibility & Definitions

Rule 5 – Lookout

Rule 6 – Safe Speed

Rule 7 – Risk of Collision

Rule 8 – Action to Avoid a Collision

Rule 9 – Narrow Channels

Rule 10 – Traffic Separation Schemes

Rule 12 – Sailing Vessels

Rule 13 – Overtaking

Rule 14 – Head On Situation

Rule 15 – Crossing Situation

Rule 16 – Action By Give Way Vessel

Rule 17 – Action By Stand On Vessel

Rule 18 – Responsibilities Between Vessels

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