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    Unlock Your Maritime Mastery with Skipper’s Cards

    Set sail on a journey to become a seasoned skipper with our exclusive Skipper’s Cards! These beautifully designed knowledge cards are your key to mastering the art of boating. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced mariner, these cards are a must-have addition to your nautical toolkit.

    🌊 Why Choose Skipper’s Cards? 🌊

    1. Comprehensive Knowledge: Dive deep into essential boating topics, including International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCS), weather, navigation methods, safety procedures, and more.

    2. Convenient Format: Our cards are designed for quick and easy access to essential information. Perfect for studying at home, in the cockpit, or while cruising the waves.

    3. Beautifully Illustrated: The cards are not just informative but also visually appealing. Each card is adorned with vivid illustrations and clear, concise explanations.

    4. Portability: Take your boating knowledge with you wherever you go. The compact size of the cards means you can keep them on board for quick reference. They also have a water resistant coating to help them last all adventures.

    5. Ideal Gift: Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a fellow boating enthusiast, Skipper’s Cards make an excellent gift for any occasion.

    🌟 What’s Inside the Box? 🌟

    • IRPCS: Learn the rules of the road on the water and how to avoid collisions with other vessels.
    • Weather Wisdom: Understand weather patterns, forecasts, and how to navigate safely in various conditions.
    • Navigation Know-How: Master chart reading, buoy systems, and navigation techniques for safe and efficient journeys.
    • Safety Essentials: Get the lowdown on safety equipment, procedures, and emergency protocols to keep you and your crew secure.
    • And So Much More: These cards are packed with valuable information, tips, and tricks to boost your confidence on the water.

    ⚓ The Perfect Learning Tool for All Mariners ⚓

    Whether you’re a beginner setting sail for the first time or an experienced captain looking to refresh your knowledge, Skipper’s Cards are your ideal companion. These cards are designed to make learning fun and effective.

    🌊 Ready to Chart Your Course to Success? 🌊

    Unlock the secrets of the sea and become the skipper you’ve always dreamed of with Skipper’s Cards.

    Order your set today and start your maritime adventure!

    Our complete A5 set of high quality print knowledge cards are perfect for Power Boaters, Day Skippers and Yachtmasters. They contain lots of information about the IRPCS, cheat sheets which show you step by step how to calculate tidal problems and infographics that help you learn things like buoys, day shapes and vessel lights etc.

    The complete set of 13 double sided cards include:

    Safety Brief, MAYDAY Calling, the phonetic alphabet, sound signals, vessel lights, day shapes, IRPCS rules, estimating position, clearance under bridges, running fix, course to steer and more.

    Everything you need to pass Day Skipper and Yachtmaster theory courses.

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