Tidal Definitions video animation

This Tidal Definitions video forms part of our Tides Masterclass which is coming soon.

It’s important when we are learning to navigate that we understand what the different tidal definitions refer to. If we don’t then we run the risk of calamity by using incorrect reference points.

This could mean running aground, hitting a rocky reef or even colliding with a bridge.

Spring and Neap tides can mean the difference between access to a harbour being possible or not.

The different ranges during spring and neap tides are also relevant when you learn to calculate tidal streams and when using tidal curves for standard and secondary ports.

Everything you need to know is in the Tides Masterclass.

You can get another free taster of the Tides Masterclass by taking a look at our secondary ports post here:

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  1. Peter Parslow

    thanks for this simple visualisation. And that the ‘secondary ports’ chart below already points out that some places have (spring) tides that go below chart datum. And of course, LAT/HAT are ‘astronomical tides’ – the weather can push tides beyond either, in ways that are not entirely predictable (at least, so far as I can see!)

    Day Skipper, but also ex-UKHO staff.

  2. Flash

    Hey thanks for the information. I am in Alaska. A bit far to take the class but terms and rules seem to be the same. Thanks

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